The best quality and detail solutions combined

BAGAX | Protect your Stuff is a new equipment company for professional event technology, founded in 2020 by the parent company SRV Distribution in Dörverden (Germany).

Behind SRV Distribution is a team of German specialists, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in professional audio and event equipment.

Bagax offers lightweight, professional stack racks for 19" equipment with individual, well thought-out detail solutions as well as bags for trusses and other event equipment in highest manufacturing quality to easily transport and perfectly protect professional equipment in daily use.

Technical data

  • 25% lighter than comparable professional racks
  • The black slide-in doors can be replaced with transparent and impact-resistant Makralon doors so that the contents are always visible
  • Available in the dimensions 60cm x 60cm and 60cm x 78cm for devices with greater installation depth
  • Stacking recesses, connection mechanism and the cable passage for the standard 60x60cm case is compatible with the deep 60x74cm X-Series cases
19″ SDS Stack Racks (Slide-Door-Shockmount)



Ext. dimensions (WxHxD)



60cm x 15,6cm x 60cm



60cm x 20,1cm x 60cm



60cm x 22,5cm x 60cm



60cm x 33,6cm x 60cm


Roller board with 2 brakes

60cm x 12,4cm x 60cm

19″ ED SDS Stack Racks (Extra Deep Slide-Door-Shockmount)



Ext. dimensions (WxHxD)



60cm x 15,6cm x 78cm



60cm x 20,1cm x 78cm



60cm x 22,5cm x 78cm



60cm x 33,6cm x 78cm


Roller board with 2 brakes

60cm x 12,4cm x 60cm

Racks with unique detail solutions -
the best for your business

Black steel rivets are set on all corners and edges. It does not stand on the Polyurea surface, instead it stands on the black rounded rivet heads to safe the Polyurea surface.

Housing protected by rivet heads when upright.

The racks can be quickly and securely connected to each other by an outside mechanism with a quick lock pin. The pins are secured with steel cables and cannot get lost. On the wheeled board, the racks can also be firmly connected with this.

No further tools are needed to connect.

The racks can remain wired with the doors closed. The doors are pushed in from the side, a cut-out at the top and bottom of the rear part of the racks makes it possible to wire stacked racks together.

Cables do not have to be disconnected to close the doors.

The installation depth can be adjusted even after the unit has been installed. This works via sliding slides on the underside of the racks.

Simple and fast adjustment of the installation depth from the outside.

The stack racks can stand upright at 90 degrees on shelves without standing on protruding handles or other components.

All surfaces are flat, they only stand on the black steel rivets.

The front door has a label holder for picking slips or labels with description.

Stickers or other labels are no longer needed. Opening the doors to check the contents is no longer necessary.

The rack rails are mounted on large rubber shock absorbers inside. This provides additional protection for high-quality equipment.

Racks and wheelboard as well as the castors are completely black, there are no shiny components. All metal is black powder coated

The stack racks integrate inconspicuously into any stage set. 

BAGAX DJ stand bag, suitable for American DJ Pro Event Table II among others

The Bagax Dj bag for the American Dj Pro Event Table II is made of strong, durable Cordura fabric. Sturdy carrying straps make it easy to transport the equipment with the bag. The bag can be opened completely with the zip. For transport, the contents can be easily secured against slipping with sewn-in Velcro straps.

Perfect bags to protect F34 truss elements during transport and storage

Bagax Truss Bags are robust, high-quality bags in which standard F34 4-point trusses can be stored and transported safely. They are ideal for protecting powder-coated trusses against impacts during transport.

Cleverly positioned grip holes and carrying straps make all bags easy to carry and handle. Thanks to the Velcro fasteners, the bags can be easily opened and quickly closed again.

3-Way Corner Bag 90°
3-Way Corner Bag T-Joint
2-Way Corner Bag 90°
Box-Corner Bag
F34 Truss Bag

The pockets for one-meter and two-meter pieces can be opened at the front and back. This allows contiguous truss pieces to be transported on a truss trolley. The opened flaps can be connected to the next pocket by Velcro.

These bags are only a small selection of our product range.



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